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Welcome to our web site, you may have seen my adds in the Age or Sydney Morning Herald or maybe from some of our promotions, sparking some interest from you.

If your not aware of this real estate market, you may be skeptical, but it has been known to many Australian, European investors for over the last decade, in fact we sell to people from all around the world, the market does exist with returns of up to 5 or 7 times what you would normally expect from Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, if you could find a $50,000 property there, those days are long gone.

With an entry level property price of only $50K USD it makes it very affordable to get stated, minimizes the risk and perfect for self managed super funds.

This is just not a property sales forum, where you buy and are left floundering for answers to questions and compliance issues, both Thomas, myself and your property management will have the answers to any question and give you the safety net support you need.

I'm happy to take your call and explain to you, how this market and our business works, you can either text, email or give me a call on 0412 606 334. Then I can email you a spread sheet and full stock list with detailed figures.  

John Roberts'


 Current news   : Our dollar (AUD/USD) is around 80 cents, great news for anyone sitting on the fence for a strong Aussie dollar, now is a is the time to lock in a great Aussie dollar.

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